What is FormValet?

FormValet is a mobile app that enables you to distribute forms and collect the responses. When recipients open a form sent by FormValet everything they type on the form is automatically mirrored to a copy of their form on your device.

FormValet also enables you to complete forms sent to you by other people using FormValet.

What kind of forms does FormValet distribute?

FormValet can send any PDF forms containing fields that can filled on your device. You can distribute PDF forms stored on your iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Adobe Acrobat, as email attachments, and any other apps that can share your forms.

How does FormValet work?

FormValet delivers your form as an attachments to an email messages. Once the recipient opens the attachment, FormValet uses the cloud to establish a link between the recipient's form and a copy of that form on your device. Any fields filled on the recipient's form are automatically mirrored on your copy.

Do recipients need to have FormValet?

Yes. Recipients with FormValet can use it to complete forms they receive. Recipients without FormValet can install it for free from the Apple AppStore. Emails sent by FormValet contain a link to install FormValet.

What are FormValet's requirements?

FormValet requires an Apple iPhone or iPad with iOS 9 or greater, and an internet connection.

Does FormValet require a website?

No, FormValet does not require a website.

Is there an Android version of FormValet?

No. Currently, FormValet and FormValet-R run only on the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

How does FormValet work for recipients who do not have an iPhone or iPad?

Emails sent by FormValet contain both a FormValet-enhanced copy of the form and a regular PDF copy. Recipients unable to run FormValet can complete the PDF attachment.